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The Benefits Of Cycling To Work



With the popularity of commuting by bike on the increase, the benefits are also becoming more and more attractive. Here we take a look at the positives behind making the switch from public transport to cycling.


Staying Healthy

If you have a grueling work schedule and barely get home before you need to grab some dinner and get to sleep, then cycling to and from work is an excellent way to stay in shape, and keep healthy, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting turfed out of the gym at 10pm – nor waking up at 5am to fit a work out in first thing.


Saving Money

With the price of public transport ever increasing – and in a lot of cases outweighing people’s wages – cycling to work is an extremely cost effective way to commute. By cycling to work, you can also avoid being crammed in the people wagon they refer to as the tube, and you can forget the cattle herding and having to wait for three trains to pass before you manage to squeeze on to a carriage in rush hour.


It’s Green

Fuel emissions are without a doubt at an all time high – despite efforts to bring in car-pooling and more frequent public transport, so by cycling to work, you’re doing your bit to help reduce pollution, as even if it’s just one less person on the road each day, it does help.


It’ll Make You Feel Happier

It’s known that exercise creates positive endorphins that will keep you on the cheerier side, but by keeping fit and toned you’ll also feel more confident. Another added benefit is also increasing the amount of time you’re outside. A lot of us lack Vitamin D due to spending most of our lives indoors either at work or in cars, buses, or trains so being outside for as long as possible will make you feel a lot healthier and happier.



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How To Cycle To Work Not Looking Like A Lycra Nerd

Cycling to work has it’s fair share of obstacles, whether it’s avoiding near death from HGV’s and militant black cabs on the roads – but looking like a walking, talking cyclist enthusiast catalogue when you arrive at your destination needn’t be one of them. Here we’ve put a few tips together on how you can avoid that typical cyclist look when you get to work.

Be Visible Without The Dreaded Day Glo

There are plenty of ways to stay visible without being mistaken for a road repair workman in a high vis vest. Other colours such as bright red or turquoise add a little more style – but make sure they come with reflective panels – especially if cycling in the dark.

Arriving At Work Looking Sharp

For those of you with longer commutes it’s important that your clothes are crease free. If you’ve got an important meeting to attend to, but don’t want to sacrifice your daily exercise then the Shirt Shield is a great tool for keeping your shirt crease free so you look your best – whoever you’re facing that day!

Helmet Hair

One of the biggest obstacles when you arrive at work is the wonderful Friar Tuck style barnet your helmet has fashioned for you – so think ahead and pack a small tub of wax or serum that you can easily pull through your locks to banish helmet hair for the day ahead.

A Good Back Pack

When commuting by bike it’s important you can carry everything you need with ease, so make sure you pack appropriately for the size of your bag. If you need to fit clothes, shoes and a laptop in, then make sure it fits.

Style Needn’t Be Compromised

Style can often go out of the window for even the most fashion conscious the minute they mount a bike, so don’t be afraid to colour co-ordinate your cycling gear, and search for a helmet that not only fits well – but also suits your face shape. That way you can remain stylish from the minute you leave your home to when you arrive at work looking effortlessly turned out.


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